PTMG in Berlin

This year the annual Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group (PTMG) conference will be held in Berlin, in October 2-5, 2019.

Trade marks in the pharma industry are not only valuable marketing instruments of pharmaceutical companies, but they also help avoid name-related medication confusion, thus increasing patient safety. Founded in 1970, PTMG is a organization bringing together a group of highly dedicated trade mark professionals with a lot of passion for, as well as experience in, the pharmaceutical field. PTMG still faces challenges to create successful global pharmaceutical brands as well as struggles with digital revolution and growing importance of regulatory aspects.

The eye-catching title of the annual conference – Pharmaceutical Trademarks @Checkpoint Charlie – calls for discussion on tax strategy issues in IP and the new copyright directive. The participants of the conference will also hold a debate on software-related disputes faced in pharmaceutical industry as well as the invariably appealing Chinese market.

Kulikowska & Kulikowski will be represented by Agnieszka Matusik-Niedziałek, attorney-at-law. Please contact to arrange a meeting.